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Opinion-Central is Millward Brown Digital’s actively managed proprietary panel. Opinions are so important to our companies that they are eager to reward members for their advice. On this site members can:

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You will get invited to take a variety of surveys in a wide range of topics. Topics range from everyday products found in your grocery store to T.V. ads!

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With every survey completed, points will be earned and automatically stored to your account. Save up your points for amazing rewards! Rewards range from iPods to crockpots!

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Our panelists have helped to make some amazing things happen! Scroll down below to read about a few ways we’ve made a difference.

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Gathering consumer opinions is the foundation of how many of the products and services that you use every day were created! We truly value your opinions and insights because they can impact consumers!

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Interesting Facts about Opinion-Central

Our clients are looking to you for advice. Your input can change products, and even legislation.

Results from research conducted with Opinion-Central panelists helped pass a Federal ANTI SPAM law.

A major ice cream manufacturer relies on Opinion-Central panel members to help test new flavors they have developed.

Cruise Lines and Resorts frequently contact our panelists to learn about trends in vacations so they may better understand what amenities and services travelers expect.

One of the largest CD/DVD/Book clubs made use of survey results to create new, more user friendly membership bundles.

A large book publisher looked for answers from Opinion-Central panelists to decide on the exact layout, structure, title and price for a series of Do-It-Yourself books to insure it would appeal to readers.

Opinion-Central panelists helped a major music cable channel to streamline the features of their web site and their feedback generated new features that the client incorporated into their new site.

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